Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is around the corner. Below are some ideas for your Easter baskets that we have done in the past. A couple years ago, we did a nature themed Easter basket for spring and it was a big hit.

Nature Ideas

I have bought several different types of butterfly nets the past few years and this one is my favorite. It is durable.

If you have kids under 5, these are a great first binoculars. We love ours.

If your kids are older than 5, these may be a better fit.

We have several favorite bug houses and this is one of them. It is easy to open and large enough to make a little home for the bugs.

This is another favorite for smaller bugs the kids may find. It comes with binoculars on top so they can study the bug closely.

We have raised butterflies the last few years and it has been so much fun! We reuse our net home every year and then just reorder butterflies. You may need to check your region for the best time to raise them, but I strongly recommend this project with kids.

Garden Ideas

This year, I am going to go with a garden theme

I have not used these yet, but they have great reviews.

Because we garden, I want tools that actually work. I am excited about these.

Family Ideas

With everyone being stuck inside due to the coronavirus, a family gift may be a better idea. Here are a few of our favorites activities to do with the family.

We actually have several of these marble runs and we LOVE them. It is a great activity to pull out on long days at home and something the entire family may enjoy. This set is a high quality set and can be used for years.

This is a great game for littles that the whole family can enjoy. We play this often and I can actually say I enjoy playing it.

If you have kids 6+, you may enjoy this one!

We love this for family puzzle nights. This one is the same concept, but better for slightly older kids.

This domino set is so fun. Work together as a family and see what creations you can come up with!

I know, you may be thinking, wow, that’s a big Easter basket gift. But, perhaps your family has more money in your budget with the break from extra curricular activities. Our family has so much fun on ours! We play keep away and all sorts of games together. It has been one of the best purchases we have made.


Planning on your beliefs, this next part may not be as applicable. But I wanted to share a few of our favorite Easter books.

This is one of my favorite books. We read it every Christmas and Easter. It tells the story of three trees and how they play a part in the life and death of Jesus.

This is one of my favorite books to read during Holy Week. It beautifully describes our need for the cross and what took place that day. It is brightly illustrated and engaging for kids.

Although it looks like they changed their design a bit, I bought my Holy Week egg tree from this etsy shop. It appears Amazon has something similar.

This is one of my favorite books to read during Easter. It tells the story from the donkey’s perspective of what it was like to carry the King. If you have little kids, I break it up and read it a bit at a time the week before Palm Sunday.

For families with kids 3 and under, we have loved this book for the Easter season. Amazon gives you a little preview inside the book.

A Few Additional Ideas

If you want to have your child help you in the kitchen more, this is my recommendation for a first knife!

If your kids has helped in the kitchen a lot or is older, this is my suggestion. My 5yo moved on to this knife around 4, but had helped in the kitchen quite a bit.

One of our favorite books for littles for spring time.

Such a sweet book about the changing season.

One of my favorite books of all time.

Our kids love dress up and we are always happy with the Melissa and Doug costumes.

Although this won’t fit in an excavator, it could keep your kids happy outside for hours during the spring. Our kids have spent hours upon hours playing with this excavator. Pay attention to reviews if you purchase a different brand than this one.

If you want more ideas, please check out the Resource tab on my website. If you want a few more fillers for your Easter baskets, I have separated out both my toy and book ideas by ages. Take a look!

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