This is The Intentional Childhood Podcast, because small things matter. 

We live in a time where the message is continually More is Better. We are bombarded with ads that promise this device will make our kids smarter or they need to be enrolled in this program to not get behind. We keep our kids busy from the moment they wake up because we think we are being the best parent, providing the best opportunities for them. But what if the best for them involved a lot less? 

Intentionality today requires swimming against the current, it requires courage to be different. But it is possible and our kids are worth it. Childhood is sacred. It is a time where children learn their value. I hope to provide you with resources to treasure this time and their childhood. When our kids leave our homes, what they will remember are the small moments, the simple ones. But these small moments will impact how they view themselves and the  world. And who they ultimately become will impact the world. Small things matter.  

This podcast is for all parents. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, you work part time, or full time. Whether your kid goes to public school, private school or is homeschooled, I believe we all have common ground in our love for our kids and our desire for them to have the best lives, to grow up to be people who love others and impact their world for good.